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Client recommendations from Tripadvisor.com

"Our favorite stop was Restoration Spirit where we took meditation and essential oils classes. We also took advantage of the services offered and did some balancing point therapy along with some Reiki healing, energy work and acupressure. Our experience was so uplifting and peaceful that we went back just a few days later. David Wells runs Restoration Therapy and is a friendly and genuine person. Not long after being there we felt like we knew David for years. He is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend Restoration Spirit to any and all visitors looking for a peaceful, spiritual and reinvigorating experience."


"Do not be fooled by his boyish voice, David is deep. He is the best. You can spend 200 on a shrink/astrological reading or massage and i think David is the best for transformation and tranquility. The reiki is grounding. Surrender. Guru, priest, Shaman teacher, friend."



Student recommendations from Tripadvisor.com

"I am extrememly grateful that I had the opportunity to take my Reiki Master Class with David. During the two day intensive training, David remained focused on guiding me through learning what I needed to be the best Reiki Master/Teacher I can be. He provided me with much more than what is gained just from a text book as he shared what he has learned from his extensive, lifelong journey in this field. Additionally he observed the knowledge and skills I had from my previous Reiki I & II (from another master) and added some awesome lessons for me. I have had several sessions with my own clients since then, and am realizing much stronger results! I would highly recomend David to be your Reiki Teacher regardless if you want to simply learn to treat yourself with Reike energy or if you want to learn to send this healing energy to others. Let your intuition be your guide!" 


"The classes offered by RestorationSpirit are absolutely AMAZING!!! So very informative. I took the Smudging, Chakras, and Meditation classes. David is very knowledgeable and has an amazing ability to transfer this knowledge to his students. Since the classes are small, he can adjust the material to fit the needs of the individual students. There is a lot of one-on-one interaction. I would recommend the classes from RestorationSpirit to anyone. I cannot wait to take more!!!"

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