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David Wells, Reiki GrandMaster / Teacher

Owner of RestorationSpirit

David Wells has over 7,300 hours of specialized training in healing energy work.  David first became aware of his gifts when he was 15 and first experienced self-healing long before he knew about energy work.  That experience set him on a lifelong path of seeking an understanding of the things we can't easily see.  His training began in Northern India consisting of concentrated immersion studies of the subtle body and the universal life force. 

David has traveled, lived, and studied around the world learning from Gurus in India, Sensei in Asia and Shaman in North America.  He has reached the level of Reiki GrandMaster Ascension and is a Reiki Master/Teacher in several disciplines.  His healing arts experience will bring you relief from discomfort and restore balance.  If you are taking one of his classes, His extensive studies will ensure that you are properly trained.

Everything is energy and energy has different vibrations.  In working with the life-energy force, we work with one's aura which in turns works with the meridians, which in turn works with the chakras, and the internal organs. 

Energywork seeks to re-align those energy vibrations in concert for the greatest good of the recipient's well-being, much like the orchestra conductor brings together all musicians for the benefit of the listener.


What we do

Healing Arts Treatment & Education for those working in hospitals, hospices & home health care.